Graffiti and Gears Cycling Tour, August 5

Date: August 05, 2018

Time: 8:30 am

Join Adventure Cycling Tours and traverse the city on our bicycles on an art tour to visit many of the city’s Murals, Graffiti Walls, and Street Art. Key points of interests include the Pilsen Mural Wall, Hubbard Street Murals, The 606 Murals, Permission Logan, Vivian Maier Mural, The Mile of Murals, and hidden gems in between all of these sites I have been tracking. This tour will include discussions with a guest speaker at the Pilsen Mural Wall and the Permission Logan Wall, and an opportunity to witness an organized graffiti battle at the Logan Monument.

Richard J.Daley Center
50 W. Washington Street
Chicago, Illinois 60602


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