NBA Experts State: “Golden State Will Win the NBA Title…IF”


NBA Experts State: “Golden State Will Win the NBA Title…IF”

by Amy Lignor


We already know that whenever the experts or odds-makers speak, the biggest and most important word in their vocabulary, when it comes to the NBA finals (as well as the Super Bowl, World Series, etc.) is…IF. And now that Round 1 has been all wrapped up, the “ifs” just keep on coming.


This is one year where fans have already witnessed a whole lot of déjà vu, with even more to come. This is certainly not the first year fans have consistently and constantly heard the name LeBron James and how it is HIS skill and HIS talent and his ONLY that has kept HIS Cavaliers in the running. A good argument can be made for that considering this one man seems to score (by himself) as many points as the entire rest of the team does all put together. The Cavaliers won their Round 7 game and, yes, it was by riding on the very exhausted back of James. Will they go the distance? Experts say…absolutely not. Of course, many at the beginning of the season said the Cavs wouldn’t even see the postseason; whereas others said there would be no Game 7 in this last series because the Cavs would “easily” back it to Round 2. (Confusing? You bet. But these are the experts.)


Another big “IF” comes into play when you speak about Stephen Curry. He needs rest; but he wants back in the game tonight and will be there. His team flattened their opponents without Stephen playing in Game 1, which means he could sit out Game 2 as well and really make sure he’s at his best before stepping out on the court. But he’s coming back in anyway. Too early? Well, the experts this morning claim that it is too early and the team is taking a chance when they don’t really need to. Of course, if he does come back and they do lose Game 2 with him in it, just think what they’ll be saying next.


Déjà vu will also come in the form of the 76ers facing the Celtics. Look back through time and you will note that these two teams have the most meetings in the NBA playoffs, playing each other in 20 series, with the Celtics winning 12 of them. The 76ers are still considered to be the Celtics’ second greatest rival, after the Los Angeles Lakers, and this year they are facing off yet again. Experts say that the 76ers have this one, hands-down. Fans have a feeling that the Celtics will not be eliminated that easily.


It was stated in the beginning of post-season that the most difficult matchup to call was between the Thunder and the Jazz in the Western Conference, with most saying that this would be the series most likely to go 7 games. And Russell Westbrook did do everything he possibly could to drag the Thunder to a Game 7. But the Jazz ended up winning the series 4-2, and the original expert “opinion” about this match-up was quickly swept under the rug. Of course, the Houston Rockets last night, who are the team odds-makers believe have the best (and only) shot to make sure the Golden State Warriors do not win it all – did trounce the Jazz in Game 1 of their series 96-110. In other words, the Jazz win over the Thunder is most likely the last good thing that’s going to happen to them this year.


The #1 Raptors did eliminate the Wizards, even though some of their key players had to struggle in order to do just that. It came down to Game 6 when the fans got to cheer “FRED IS BACK!” that the Raptors truly attacked and the air was let out of the Wizards. Not a shock, considering that Fred VanVleet’s return lifted the team, even though his absence did show that the coaching staff of the Raptors literally grasped at straws to win, just waiting for VanVleet to hit the court.


If you decide to bet on who takes it all right now, Golden State is still at number one, Rockets are in the second slot and the 76ers round out the top three. Just remember before laying your money down that there are still a whole lot of “if’s” that must be addressed before Golden State goes into the books for winning their sixth NBA championship. Is it too soon to call them the winners? You bet. Because it may just end up being way too soon to put Stephen Curry back in, when the team has proven they can roll over the Pelicans in this series while Curry stays on the bench.


We shall soon see how it all plays out…





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